Manav Garg June 27, 2018

Barcelona is now one of the most famous tourist places in the world. People from all over the world make their way to witness the architectural grandeur it possesses. Many famous architects have risen from the city and have gifted some of their most famous arts to Barcelona. Tourists come here for different purposes, some want to relish the marvellous architecture while others look for the perfect beach holidays.  Whatever is the need, Barcelona fulfills each of them in the best possible way. The best way to discover the beauty of the city is by taking vacation rentals in Barcelona.

Though the city has a lot of famous artworks, architectural delights, magnificent modern buildings, there is a part of Barcelona that is not yet fully discovered. These places are nowhere less in terms of beauty, but they are more of the hidden gems. Today we will bring forward some of these hidden gems or lesser known places in Barcelona that you must pay a visit at.

  • Gracia

Though most of Barcelona’s streets, monuments, and building bustle with tourists, Gracia is a place that is still not fully explored. Located in the North of the Barcelona, Gracia receives people when it is the time to attend a weeklong celebration, “Festa Major,” that is organized at the end of the August month. Apart from that, the place stays calm and is very different from the other parts of the city. Narrow streets, peaceful squares, and stylish stores, this place has everything one needs to spend the day on a good note.

  • Bunkers Del Carmel

Another unexplored but a gem of the city, Bunkers Del Carmel stands at the height of 257 meters above from Barcelona. This place has a history attached to it. It witnessed the painful sight of Spanish Civil war tragedy and it defended the place from the enemies. The panoramic view of the Barcelona city from Bunkers Del Carmel is spectacular and one can see all the famous monuments like Sagrada Familia and others from here. Though being an important part in the history of entire Spain, you will find fewer people here. This is good in a way as you will be able to enjoy the stunning view in a best possible way. Also, this particular place has been many movie directors’ favourite spot from all over the world, and they have shot a few scenes of their movies here.

  • Refugio 307

Barcelona has many important historical sites that have played an important role in the overall development of Spain. One of the most important historical events in the history of Spain is The Spanish Civil War that took place in 1936 and continued to 1939. During this period, Barcelona was thoroughly bombed by the Franco’s Fascist Forces. This led to the death of almost 2000 people. Refugio 307 was built by the Catalans to save themselves from such bombings in the 20th century. It has underground shelters and helped civilians to hide from the bombarding. It comprises of 400 meters long tunnel, 1.6 meters in width and 2 meters in height. This place is still open to tourists but a very few visits it. If you want to feel the pain and get an insight of how people went through this struggle, this place has to be on your list.

  • Poble Espanyol

You have hardly come across this name, but it is worth paying a visit at. The place is rarely known even by locals but has something interesting. Here you can have all the different flavours of Spain in one place. As Spain is a place of diverse culture, traditions, and architecture, it is easier and the best to spend a day at Poble Espanyol and get the essence of this diversity of Spain all by visiting just one place.

  • Monastery of Pedralbes

This is another hidden gem in the city of Barcelona. The city is indeed is a famous architectural hub, and most of the people are more interested in capturing the architectural beauty of Antonio Gaudi, but there are also a few things that are equally admirable in the city. Monastery of Pedralbes is one such place where you can get a chance to get indulged into the Catalonian culture.  The monastery has a collection from the City History Museum of Barcelona. There is also a garden that is filled with orange and palm trees.

  • Placa Sant Felip Neri

This place is hidden in the gothic quarter located just beside the Cathedral de la Seu. Well, many won’t like to visit this place for the tragic memories it holds, but no one can erase the history. This was the place where Gaudi died after a tram hit him. Along with this, this place has also been a place that witnessed the bomb explosion of the Spanish civil war. Though being such an unfortunate place, Placa Sant Felip Neri hasn’t lost its charm and the romantic square is still beautiful as it ought to be.

Barcelona is a city that is not just a cultural or architectural hub but has a rich history that runs through its streets. One can never explore a place unless taking an effort and visit the places that are less known but also have high importance in the making of a country. While in Barcelona, make sure to visit these lesser-known places. It will add on to your unique experience.

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